IWG Testimonials

Client testimonial dated October 26, 2018

Quick, efficient, to the point and no fuss. IWG are fantastic to work with and always available when we need them. They make work fun!

Anup Pankhania, Managing Director of the Jaspar Group

Client testimonial dated May 9, 2013

First class, highly professional, very responsive, it’s been a fantastic experience. As a mid-tier firm they offer, from what we can see, an unparalleled service. One of the best things is working with IWG is that they feel like an extension of your own business, which is extremely useful when you are working on a complex piece… you know their business is pro-active rather than reactive.

Martin Bellamy, CEO, Salamanca Group

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

Very, very easy to work with… They understand our business and are a joy to deal with – we do have a laugh with them as well as getting the job done. We often recommend them. We always have and always will.

Nigel Henry, director, Fusion Residential

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

A very dynamic company and we can rely upon their rapid response when dealing with the commercial market. Very easy to talk to and provide a fantastic service… they have a fantastic understanding of real estate. No question I would recommend them to other people and have recommended them successfully on numerous occasions.

Nicholas Cowell, director, The Estate Office

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending them. On a par with the city law practices that I also use…

Daniel Talisman General Counsel, Sportingbet PLC

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

I have been a client since they were formed and the personal level of service and advice is superb. It is a partnership that is committed to the highest level of professionalism. You are in safe hands.

Gary Landesberg, Principal, Mountain Capital

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

Reassuring, professional, reliable… Top class. Professional operators with modern outlook, very similar to our own.

David Ereira, director, Ereira Mendoza

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

You don’t get passed down a ladder…you are always dealing with a senior solicitor who is expert in their field. For the level of expertise they are better than a small firm and for the level of service better than a big firm.

Andrew Barrs, Brown Cooper Marples

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

Brilliant firm… I’ve never been let down – their level of expertise is superb. I do use other firms every now and again because I’m part of a big group, but…they [IWG] are head and shoulders above.

Ronnie Green, director, Countrywide PLC

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

IWG are a very professional and knowledgeable firm and gave us confidence to achieve our targets… IWG are an invaluable asset to our company and give us the confidence to pursue our objectives based on sound advice, which in the modern world is a crucial aspect of running a successful business.

Ashley Rubin, director, Shield Homes Ltd

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

Responsive, professional, commercially-minded. I find the people I deal with to be unstuffy, personable and accessible. I would recommend IWG without hesitation.

Jonathan Cranston, director, Ashley Commercial Finance Ltd

Client testimonial dated March 25, 2013

Different class. Very astute, to the point, punctual and have the clients’ interests well and truly covered… you would be hard pressed to find someone that could look after your interests better… By far and away the best I have worked with in the UK.

Brad Friedel, former goalkeeper, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Client testimonial dated February 27, 2013

There are certain complicated deals that I’ve been involved with over the years that have been extremely complicated and they really get their heads round it in a very professional way… I have recommended them to other people and I would say the nature of the firm means you get direct access to someone really senior who knows what they are doing at all times of the day and night.

Craig Niven, director, Arlington

Client testimonial dated February 13, 2013

What stands out to me about IWG, whether you are dealing with Colin Winter or Ben Manners or anyone else, is that they are always trying to find solutions for you. They don’t just draft the contract that you ask for, but they identify the problems and opportunities in the transaction and then find workable solutions for you – that to me as a client is hugely helpful. They are smart and extremely hard working. I would recommend them.

Simon Turner, director, Kuvera International