Security – the basics

If a borrower becomes insolvent, the proceeds realised from its assets will be shared among its creditors. The effect of security over an asset is to give a secured lender a priority right to be repaid out of the proceeds of that asset ahead of unsecured creditors. Those creditors without security over an asset will take a share of the proceeds of that asset only after the secured creditor has received payment in full.

The following briefing note outlines:

  • The main types of security that can be granted;
  • The main forms of quasi-security, which can subsist over assets and which might prejudice a lender’s security; and
  • The various issues to be aware of when taking security which might affect the validity or enforceability of security.

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PLEASE NOTE this briefing note contains information about current legal issues and is only intended as a general statement of the law – it does not give legal advice. No action should be taken in reliance on this note without specific legal advice.

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