Conversion to LLP


Prior to 1 August 2013, our firm operated as an unincorporated partnership.  With effect from 1 August 2013, the partnership transferred its business, and all of its assets and liabilities to Ingram Winter Green LLP, an English registered limited liability partnership.  Immediately following that transfer, the unincorporated partnership ceased to exist. Further information about Ingram Winter Green LLP can be found on our Legal Notices page.

Limited Liability Status

The principal effect of the change is that the firm moved from an unincorporated structure, in which the partners had unlimited liability, to an incorporated structure with limited liability status.   The partners of the unincorporated partnership became the members of the LLP, but they ceased to be personally liable to clients and other third parties.


After 1 August 2013 all services will be provided only by the LLP.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or concerns arising from our change of status, please feel free to contact us via our online contact form or by contacting your client partner.