Charity spotlight: Duchenne UK

Each month we shine the spotlight on one of the charities supported by the team at Ingram Winter Green. Our intention is to raise awareness of each charity’s aims and highlight ways that anyone can support the fantastic work that they do.

This month we focus on Duchenne UK a charity with the highly focused aim of finding a cure and treatments for children diagnosed with the devastating muscle wasting disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

What is Duchenne muscular dystrophy?

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a fatal genetic disease. A missing protein prevents muscles from repairing normally leaving the child with progressively reduced mobility, increased pain and a shortened life expectancy. It mainly affects boys and diagnosis is usually made before the age of five.

Click here to watch a short film from Duchenne UK:

What does Duchenne UK do?

The charity Duchenne UK has a clear vision to fund and accelerate research, clinical trials, therapies and treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It was set up by parents of children diagnosed with the disease to speed up the availability of treatments available. It also offers support and advice to families to help deal with the challenges they face along the way.

One of our partners, Divyesh Popat, sits on the Patient Advisory Board of the charity and plays a key role deciding which trials, therapies and treatments show promise and deserve funding. He also offers advice and support to families whose children are diagnosed with the condition. Divyesh’s youngest son has Duchenne and he and his family are in awe of the amazing work that the charity has undertaken and its dedication to accelerating a treatment for this devastating condition.

Opportunities to help

There are many ways to support the work of Duchenne UK, from direct donations, fundraising on their behalf or taking part in one of their numerous fundraising events.

Duchenne UK have a full calendar of sporting events that you can join in throughout the year such as:

You may well find a few members of the Ingram Winter Green legal team by your side.

The charity also benefits from support from the Saracens Rugby Club and some of the England rugby team players, who generously give their time to meet with the children and raise funds. Ingram Winter Green have been proud sponsors of the Duchenne UK Rugby Dinner for several years.

To find out more about Duchenne UK and how you can support their work to help the children and families affected, visit