Why work for IWG?

1.   What is the quality of the work like?

The firm does interesting, high quality commercial work both in the UK and abroad.

“I was told by one banking client recently who use magic circle firms among their panel that we are their lawyers of choice and they come to us to resolve difficult disputes.”
Divyesh Popat, partner, litigation

“There are certain complicated deals that I’ve been involved with over the years that they really got their heads round in a very professional way.”
Craig Niven, client, Arlington Group


2.   What is it like to work at IWG?

The open plan offices make IWG a friendly place to work while at the same time promoting a strong sense of team-work.

“The firm is tight-knit and supportive of its junior lawyers while providing access to interesting work and development opportunities. There is a friendly approachable atmosphere between lawyers and support staff at all levels. IWG is very unstuffy.”
Tom Kemp, partner, corporate

“It’s an energetic open plan environment. Lawyers frequently discuss matters and throw around ideas.” 
Sanjay Chandarana, partner, litigation


3.   Is there a reasonable work/life balance?

The partners believe there is more to life than just work. People at IWG work hard, but not at the expense of their social and personal lives.

“There is an interesting variety of work, good development opportunities, a friendly and supportive working environment and a good work-life balance.”
Elizabeth Partner, partner, litigation and employment

“IWG are a joy to deal with. We do have a laugh with them as well as getting the job done.”
Nigel Henry, client, Fusion Residential


4.   How much responsibility can I expect as an assistant solicitor?

Supporting and promoting assistant solicitors has been a key part of the success of the firm.

“Assistants are thrown into the deep end and gain a much greater understanding of how to deal with clients and levels of commercial advice.”
Paul Sheeter, partner, property


5.   What are my career prospects like at IWG?

IWG has been built on growth from within rather than lateral hires and plans to continue to develop the firm in this way.

“I joined the firm as a trainee in 2011 and became a partner in 2020. The opportunities are here for anyone who works hard and contributes to the firm.”
Tom Kemp, partner, corporate

“The firm will give employees support and opportunities and reward them on merit regardless of years qualified.”
Divyesh Popat, partner, litigation


6.   What sort of lawyers are suited to work at the firm?

IWG looks for lawyers with good academic ability, common sense and a commitment to their clients.

“To work here you need to be bright, mentally resilient, have an eye for detail and a large dose of common sense.”
Ben Horack, partner, litigation

“You need to be able to work under pressure, multi-task and have a sense of humour.”
Geraldine Paletz, consultant, property

“Some people think they want to go to a big city law firm because it has the good work and won’t come here because it hasn’t. We’ve got great work, you get hands-on experience but you don’t have to suffer the less enjoyable elements of a big city law firm.”
Elizabeth Bartle, partner, litigation and employment


7.   What are the partners’ aspirations for the firm?

The partners want the firm to continue to grow, but not at the expense of its friendly, positive culture.

“To continue to cement our enviable reputation in the legal services marketplace as a proactive, result-orientated and user-friendly firm.”
Daniel Ginsbury, partner, property

“To continue being profitable and, more importantly, a place where it is both fun and challenging to work.”
David Ingram, partner, litigation

“That the firm remains a good working environment, that it continues to thrive together with its staff and clients.”
Divyesh Popat, partner, litigation