Malcolm Gordon

I have worked with IWG for over 20 years on corporate, employment and litigious matters.  On all occasions their advice has proved to be vigorous … Read More 

Security – the basics

If a borrower becomes insolvent, the proceeds realised from its assets will be shared among its creditors. The effect of security over an asset is to … Read More 

Take notice – planning enforcement

The case of Luigi del Basso & Bradley Goodwin v Regina [2010] EWCA 1119 highlights the seriousness of non-compliance with planning enforcement notices (“PEN”) and … Read More 

Beware the Trolls

We are all increasingly aware of “internet trolling” – inflammatory or provocative online posts, for example in forums or on social networks, intended to cause … Read More 

Bulgaria Mall financing – Final Phase

IWG has concluded the final phase of bank financing arrangements for the Bulgaria Mall project in Sofia, Bulgaria ( The latest phase implemented a re-organisation … Read More