The Firm

IWG was formed in 1994 with clear ideas in mind.

The senior partners – David Ingram, Colin Winter, Nick Green, Paul Sheeter, Michael Compton and Daniel Ginsbury – all agree with Colin when he says of the firm’s ethos: “All the partners who came here wanted to work with people we trusted and liked and we wanted to have a decent life.”

Over 20 years later all three founding partners – Colin, David Ingram and Nick Green – are still at the firm. They share a common view of how to practice law. “You owe it to clients to give them something useful for the money they pay. We very much roll up our shirtsleeves and tell it as it is,” says Colin.

roll up our shirtsleeves and tell it as it is…

As well as being straight-talking, IWG also sees itself as approachable and above all, pragmatic. “The result is everything, absolutely crucial,” says Colin. “If you can’t get the result, the client has to be told as early as possible and you manage the expectation. It’s very much an outcomes-focused approach.”

The firm’s partners cover property, commercial litigation, corporate and employment work from their open-plan Bloomsbury offices.

there is still the same level of friendliness, informality and energy…

Property partner Nick Green says that despite the firm having grown ten-fold “there is still the same level of friendliness, informality and energy as there was when the firm started”.

Commitment to charity

IWG has always maintained a strong commitment to charity. The firm currently carries out pro bono work for several charities including Norwood, Jewish Care, Action Duchenne, DuchenneUK, Emunah, St Pancras Boxing Club, Sanitation First, Grief Encounter, Langdon, Joining JackKISHARON and Rowley Lane Recreational Trust. The firm supports Action Duchenne and DuchenneUK as its nominated charities.

IWG is also proud to be a corporate patron of Langdon and Norwood. David Ereira, Chair of Norwood says: “IWG have always served Norwood with the utmost professionalism in their pro bono work for the charity. Their ability to understand issues and work with the charity’s trustees in overcoming challenges is refreshing. It’s a true compliment to the partnership for their corporate social responsibility, and I’m sure they go well beyond this, in both time and energy.”

Please go to the News, Events & Charity page for updates about charitable ventures being undertaken by people in the firm.